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If you think you or a loved one are experiencing hearing loss a hearing test is a way to get your hearing tested. There are different types of tests that can be performed to get a full assessment of your hearing. Based on the results of the hearing test your hearing healthcare professional will go over the next steps if hearing loss is present.


An online hearing test is a great way to get an idea of if you have hearing loss though it doesn’t provide you with a full assessment of your hearing. You can take our online hearing test here, all you will need is a few minutes of your time, headphones and a quiet room.

If the test says that you have hearing loss, it is a good idea to get a full assessment done of your hearing by our audiologists.


Many people are very anxious at the thought of a hearing test because you can be worrying about the results and you may not know what to expect.

If you are anxious it can have a negative effect on the results of the hearing test we recommend you bring a friend or family member and come to the appointment in a relaxing mind frame.


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During a hearing test, there are many types of tests that can be performed. Your hearing healthcare professional will perform some of these tests to get a full assessment of your hearing.

Pure Tone Hearing Testing
Pure tone testing uses air conduction to measure your ability to hear sounds at various pitches and volumes. You will be asking to wear headphones and sit it in booth, you will listen to various sounds and indicate when you hear a tone. The results will be charted on an audiogram.
Speech Testing
Speech testing is used to measure your speech reception threshold or the faintest speech you can hear.
Bone Conduction Testing
Bone conduction testing is another type of pure tone test that measures your inner ear’s response to sound. A conductor will be placed behind your ear and send tiny vibrations to your inner ear.
Tympanometry measures the movement that your eardrum makes in response to air pressure. It can help determine if there is a buildup of fluid or wax.


An audiogram is a graph that shows the softest sound a person can hear at different pitches or frequencies. The results from your hearing test are graphed out on the chart for your hearing healthcare professional to read and will indicate the different degrees of hearing loss.


Based on the results of your hearing test your hearing healthcare professional will recommend what the next steps are you based on your hearing loss.

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