Hearing Aid Repair in Muskoka

At Muskoka Hearing, we can perform smaller repairs at our clinic and can send the hearing aids to the manufacturer if they require larger repairs to be made. To help reduce frequent repairs needed to be done to the hearing aids we recommend that you perform regular maintenance at home.

We can also adjust and tune your hearing aids as your hearing can change over time.


Hearing aids are powerful, small electronic devices that need to be maintained to perform at their best. It is recommended that you perform regular cleaning to your hearing aids and to keep them dry. There are cleaning kits available to help you clean your hearing aids.

Here are some hearing aid care tips:

  • Remove the hearing aids before going in water (ie. swimming, showers, etc.)
  • Keep your hearing aids dry and avoid hot or humid environments
  • Carry your hearing aids in a case
  • Avoid dropping your hearing aids
  • Remove hearing aids before using body care products


Here are some common troubleshooting steps you can take if your hearing aids are not working properly:

  • Check the battery
  • Clean the hearing aid
  • Change the wax guard
  • Inspect the domes or tubing

Contact us if you are still experiencing issues with your hearing aids or are not comfortable performing any of these steps.


Your hearing can change over time which can lead to the need for adjustments to be made to the hearing aids. Here are some signs that you might need to come in to make adjustments to your hearing aids:

  • Whistling-like sounds in your ear
  • Volume fluctuations
  • Additional hearing loss
  • Pain or discomfort in or around your ear

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You may also find that, over time, your hearing goes through slight changes. This can lead to your hearing aids not helping as much as they once did.


One of the best ways to make adjustments or to tune your hearing aids is when you are in the environment where the issue is occuring. You can now book an appointment with your hearing care provider remotely. They can make adjustments to the hearing aids while you are at home during inclement weather, or traveling during the winter. That way the problem can be resolved in real time and be more accurate.

Our hearing healthcare professionals can perform remote care appointments if you have an internet connection, a smartphone and in the cases of some manufacturers a special remote care accessory.

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