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If you want to get the most out of your hearing aids, it’s a good idea to look into the variety of hearing aid accessories and assistive listening devices. They are designed to help with secondary purposes that can complement your hearing aid, or to help improve your hearing in specific situations.

With them, you can enhance or add specific features that you want the most, without spending more on a hearing aid to have tons of features you don’t want at all. Whether it’s your hearing aid batteries, a carrying case to protect your hearing aids, or a special device to amplify specific sounds, we have every type of accessory you could want for your hearing aids.


Hearing aid batteries are one of the most important parts of your hearing aids because they supply power to your hearing aids. Your hearing aids will make a sound to indicate when they are running out of power. On average a battery can last for anywhere between 3 and 22 days depending on the style, model and how often they are used in a day.

Batteries are available in different sizes and depending on your hearing aid style they will require a different size battery than another. The instructions will indicate the size of batteries that your hearing aid requires to work.

Some hearing aid models don’t require the batteries to be replaced as they have rechargeable technology.

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There are many hearing aid accessories available to help enhance the features of your hearing aids. There are tools available to help you clean your hearing aids, stream audio from your phone or TV to your hearing aids and many other options. Below are some of the more common hearing aid accessories that are available.

Remote Control

A remote control for your hearing aids is a great way to control the volume of what you are hearing without having to manually touch the hearing aid itself. You can also easily switch the preferred program through the remote control. The remote itself is small in size and can fit onto your keychain.

Phone Streaming Devices

You can stream the audio from your phone calls directly to your hearing aids with the phone systems available from the hearing aid manufacturers. The devices can make phone calls with hearing aids easier to understand and clearer.

TV Streaming Devices

You can watch TV and stream the audio directly to your hearing aids. There are few different types of TV accessories that are available depending on what brand of hearing aids you have. Whether the device sits by the TV discreetly and you pair your hearing to connect to the device or wear a device as a necklace to connect there are options available to you.

Hearing Aid Cleaning Kits

Cleaning kits are available to help make regular maintenance to the devices easier. Cleaning kits can contain brushes, vent cleaners, wax guards and more. All these tools along with a drying station help maintain your hearing aids so they perform at their best.


Assistive listening devices amplify sounds to help you hear better, they can be used instead of hearing aids or with hearing aids to help enhance them. Assistive listening devices can help in many ways including: minimizing background noise, reducing the effect of distance between the sound source and the person with hearing loss as well as overriding poor acoustics.

Hearing Amplification Devices

Hearing amplification devices are similar to hearing aids in the way that they help amplify sound and can be used for people who either don’t want hearing aids yet, or can be used with hearing aids. These devices are great for conversations in quiet environments where you don’t have to worry about background noises.

FM Hearing System

FM hearing systems are similar to hearing amplification devices, but are suited for louder environments like churches or schools when you are further away from the speaker.

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